Friday, January 31, 2014

IPHOTO - Presence - Absence

"Little People", Slinkachu
Assignment #1: IPHOTO - Presence - Absence

Due: February 3rd. 
(images posted to the class tumblr)

This small assignment consists of:

Two selected “curated” images, one of A and one of B:

A-   Physical Presence
Any form of site-specific intervention/transformation that you create where a form of temporary/ephemeral public art gesture is implied.
In this assignment your presence/figure/shape/shadow persona is a determining factor for the art piece and the concept it conveys.
Could be at the quotidian or urban space or nature landscape

B-   Physical Absence
Any form of site-specific intervention/transformation or found/ready made expression.
In this assignment your intervention or documentation determines the concept or meaning of the piece.

GOOD LUCK and most of all be creative and ENJOY!!!!!

Please read the following very carefully - we used these for the previous offering of this course to good effect:
The "Do No Harm" Rules of Engagement:
As you venture into public spaces to make work, here are some guidelines to follow.  
1) Temporal, non-permanent works only ie: no permanent damage to public or private property.
2) Temporal, non-damaging materials and processes only.  (no spray paint, markers, etc.).
3) Do not get arrested.  If you are asked by a property owner not to do something, be nice, friendly and move on.  If you get approached by the police, plead "art student", be apologetic, do not get arrested.  Don't do anything that would lead to getting arrested.  
3) Be smart, conscientious and thoughtful about your materials, locations and processes and you should not have any problems. 

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